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Nov 30, 2018

So stoked to bring you Episode 121 of The BibRave Podcast, featuring several past guests and more fascinating conversation.  

Remember back in Episode 115, when we talked with AfterShokz CMO, Kim Fassetta (from Episode 104), her coach, Global runWestin Concierge and Tim’s former running coach, Chris Heuisler (Episode 25 and Episode 77), and sports psychologist, Dr. Justin Ross (Episode 26 and Episode 93)? Well, we heard so many good things from you the listeners, and we personally found the conversation so engaging, we asked the three of them to come back and do one more check-in before Kim takes on the Honolulu Marathon.

Like with Episode 115, this week’s episode does not disappoint. The four jump right into some heavy-hitting issues like internal honesty and how important transparency is to one’s training, partners, one’s self, and also why such honesty is so difficult for basically... everyone. And once again, Coach Chris and Dr. Ross were phenomenal guides and partners throughout the conversation.  

So much of what Kim shares resonates with all of us at Team BibRave, and we’re so grateful that she’s been willing to share every aspect of her journey - the good and the rough - with us and with you. If you’ve enjoyed any of our past convos with her and you want to give Kim any kudos or shout-outs, please do so on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #BibChat and #BRPodcast.

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