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Mar 22, 2019

Today we bring you Episode 137 of The BibRave Podcast - brought to you by the iconic Carlsbad 5000 and AfterShokz - the unrivaled maker of bone conduction headphones. This week we feature the voice of IRONMAN, Mike Reilly, and our chat about his career and his new book released just this week: Mike Reilly: Finding My Voice.


Mike has called in over 400,000 IRONMAN finishers over the years. We talk with him about how he began his race announcing career. He then shares some riveting stories from the athletes he’s interacted with over the years and their amazing race and life accomplishments. Finally, we get his insights into IRONMAN and triathlon culture around the world, and the ups and downs for all the loved ones and spectators that support IRONMAN athletes. Mike’s energy and passion for the sport is infectious and you’ll love this conversation!


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Show Notes: