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Welcome to the BibRave Podcast!

Episodes are released every Month on Fridays.

We hope we entertain you on your weekend runs, or wherever you take us!

Nov 25, 2016

Jessica Murphy, Co-Founder of BibRave and Managing Director at Runner's World, joins the show today! She, Tim, and Julia discuss their Thanksgiving traditions, winter running horror stories, favorite winter races, and holiday wishlists.

For those digging the sweet ukulele intro music, that comes to us from the talented...

Nov 17, 2016

BibRave Podcast, Episode 16 - we're back!!

Sorry to have missed last week, but we're back this week with a great show. Julia and Tim talk about the power of habits and how they can set you up for easier success, we talk about winning and losing and what both mean to different types of people, and we close by talking...

Nov 4, 2016

BibRave Podcast, Episode 15!

Julia and Tim are apart once again, but together via the Podcast! In this episode we talk about Tim's tales from New York, the idea of running being too big a part of our lives, doping and the new, and an endorsement of the greatest kitchen product of all time.

For those...