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Welcome to the BibRave Podcast!

Episodes are released every Month on Fridays.

We hope we entertain you on your weekend runs, or wherever you take us!

Jul 28, 2017

Tim, Andy, and Jessica share details about BibRave’s newest initiative - The BibRave 100!

The nomination period is now OPEN so visit and let your voice be heard! Next, the trio discuss navigating the how-to’s of running while traveling, including tips on strategies, scheduling, and safety....

Jul 21, 2017

The Tour de France, Jess's "6 in 6", and BibRave Reveals!

Episode #50 of The BibRave Podcast has arrived! This week’s episode is brought to you by our sponsor, The Honolulu Marathon!

In this episode, Tim and Andy are joined by Jessica to discuss the interesting and complex world of cycling, and what the running...

Jul 13, 2017

Mt. Hood 50 Recaps and Andy's Lightning Round!

Episode #49 of the BibRave Podcast, brought to you this week by our sponsor, Buff®! The BibRave team really assembles for this one with Tim, Jessica, and Julia holding down the Portland office and Andy chiming in from Chi-town.  

This motley crew discusses the Mt. Hood 50...

Jul 7, 2017

Daily running routines, rituals, and quirks are discussed, with Tim being the über planner and Andy and Jess being more ‘get me out the door!’ From there, Andy and Jessica talk about their recent experience with yoga and the importance of diversifying a cross-training routine. Lastly, the three breakdown the...