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Nov 13, 2020

Please join us in welcoming California Director for the National Wildlife Federation, Beth Pratt, to The BibRave Podcast this week! Tim and Jess talk with Beth about changing our perceptions of where wildlife “should” be, in addition to how we can stay safe around wildlife - especially on the run. Beth has worked in conservation for almost 30 years, and has done some amazing things to help runners and other recreationists coexist with some pretty impressive carnivores (her TEDx Talk How a Lonely Cougar in Los Angeles Inspired the World is a must watch)!

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Tim, Jess, and Beth talk about how runners can stay safe when encountering wild animals (of all sizes), how we can balance being cautious with overreacting, how integrated living situations are better than relying on separate, protected places for animals only or people only, and a lot of other useful tips for how to educate ourselves about nature and our furry companions (who are often there even when we don’t know they are... 👀). 

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