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Feb 19, 2021

This week on The BibRave Podcast, we welcome Nathan Martin, an incredible human who defied countless setbacks and challenges to run the fastest Marathon ever run by a Black man born in the United States (2:11:05!). Tim and Jess had an amazing conversation with Nathan that dug into not only his training and racing regime but also his thought process and how he views running as a part of his life, rather than his defining element.

This week’s episode is sponsored by WhitePaw RunMitts, a small, woman-owned, black-owned business that was founded in Baltimore by Susan Clayton! WhitePaws RunMitts are thumbless running mittens that can flip open to allow for more airflow (perfect for us runners)! Use code “BIBRAVE5” to save $5 on all 2020 WhitePaws RunMitts!

Time, Jess, and Nathan talk about Nathan’s early years, including his lack of college ambition or direction and how a dedicated coach changed everything for him (and continues to fight for Nathan). They touch on his struggles with funding and making ends meet as a substitute teacher and coach trying to compete professionally without sponsor support. Nathan shares insights on intimidation and the difference between being scared by the things we’re trying to do, rather than our competitors. This is an inspiring story from an inspiring guy who continues to succeed despite the odds that are stacked against him.

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