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Aug 18, 2021

What’s Up, Runners! 


We have such a fun and interesting episode of The BibRave Podcast that we decided to give it to you early! Tim and Jess are talking with Jay Holder, recently back from the Tokyo Olympics where he worked as Deputy Venue Media Manager for the Olympic Stadium. In this episode, Jay gives us the inside scoop on what can only be called the weirdest Olympics ever!


Jay’s duties in Tokyo covered everything from building out press operations (for all Athletics competition as well as Opening/Closing Ceremonies), coordinating press seats for each Athletics competition, moderating all post-competition medal press conferences, and so much more! Jay also works as Marketing and Communications Director for the Atlanta Track Club, so his experience and skills were perfectly suited to support the Olympics in a COVID world.


Jay’s high-level role in coordinating media and athlete interviews throughout the Tokyo Olympics gave him the perfect access to all of the best “behind the scenes” stories. He was in Tokyo for 9 weeks total, the first 16 days of which were under an extremely strict quarantine. Jay did an amazing job sharing his experience in real time via his Instagram account, and we’re thrilled that he was able to chat with us to share more details! If you love the Olympics, you are definitely going to want to give this one a listen! 


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