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Dec 10, 2021

What’s Up, Runners! 


Welp, after five incredible years filled with amazing guests, enlightening conversations, and more fun than we ever thought we’d have, we’ve decided to sunset The BibRave Podcast. Today's episode is #260 and the Grand Finale! 


We originally created the show as a way for BibRave to contribute to the larger conversation around running, hoping to find and connect with new people, stories, and movements. After 260 episodes we feel so blessed to check every one of those boxes several times over. We’ve chatted with some of the biggest names in running, helped elevate stories that were under-represented or under-appreciated, and we’ve learned so much from all of our guests and listeners. Tim, Jess, and all of the rotating cast of characters are so grateful for the time you’ve spent with us in your ears, and we’re going to miss chatting you up through all those miles.


Why are we ending the show? Well, that’s what Episode 260 is all about. Tim and Jess talk about the larger business demands at BibRave, and how it’s truly incumbent upon us to evolve and focus on our growing business needs. As the saying goes, “We can do anything we want, we just can’t do everything we want.”  


Thank you again for being a loyal listener and supporter of The BibRave Podcast. We are so, so appreciative of all the time you’ve given us over the years, and we’ll miss you all. Until we meet again IRL!


Show Notes:


For those digging the sweet ukulele intro music, that comes to us from the talented musician and running coach, Matt Flaherty. Check out his site for more audio goodness!   

If you want more from the BibRave running community, check out our race review page at or follow us on Twitter @BibRave.