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Mar 29, 2019

Today we bring you Episode 138 of The BibRave Podcast - featuring a conversation about when and how to use CBD with Dr. Josh Kaplan, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at Western Washington University. This week’s episode is brought to you by RAM Racing’s Cinco de Miler and Soldier Field 10 Mile- use code “BRPOD19” and  save $5 on all of RAM’s “Run This Town” race events!


You may remember Josh from Episode 89 of The BibRave Podcast where he introduced the positive effects of CBD to treat a number of runner ailments. In our follow-up chat we dive deeper into the proliferation of CBD-based products in the market. We specifically discuss the difference of hemp-derived versus cannabis-derived CBD, and what you should consider when purchasing and using these products. Josh drops a TON of knowledge, with some key takeaways for what to research and how to approach using CBD (topics vs. edibles vs. tinctures, what’s the right dosing, etc.)


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