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Sep 13, 2019

Here's Episode 161 of The BibRave Podcast, brought to you by FBOMB - makers of clean, amazing, nutritious, and delicious nut butter packs. Save 10% on an FBOMB Nut Butter Variety Pack (16-Count) with code “BRPOD10”! 🥜

This week we turn the tables and Jess interviews Tim about the steps and experiences that led him to launch BibRave with Jess in 2013. Tim has an interesting and diverse background, and we hear about how being a state champion wrestler influenced the way he approaches hard work and dedication. As Tim pivoted from legal studies to international security studies and then into real estate, he developed a broad skill set that helped him to launch his first business - ApplyMate. All of this helped prepare him to build and launch BibRave.

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Show Notes:


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