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Sep 20, 2019

Today we’ve got Episode 162 of The BibRave Podcast, featuring a new topic exploration with repeat guest and the official (unofficial) BibRave Physician, Cholesterol Dave (aka Dr. David Harmon). Tim, Jess, and Dave discuss a super sexy topic - Metabolic Syndrome - which affects 90 million American adults. You’ve heard that obesity is a huge health problem, but unfortunately - as Dr. Dave explains - that’s really only part of the problem. There’s a lot more happening beneath the surface, and as fitness-conscious runners, we are not immune!

The conversation starts with Cholesterol Dave explaining what Metabolic Syndrome is, and why it’s commonly misunderstood. They then dive into the five components of metabolic syndrome, causes, and ways consumers can re-examine their consumption habits (from what we eat, to how we eat, and when). We love all things food-related, so it’s an important topic to explore.

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