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Oct 16, 2020

We come to you this week with very heavy hearts after the loss of our dear friend, Tony Banovich. Tony was a running icon in the Montana running scene, and as Race Director of The Missoula Marathon he catapulted the event to national recognition as one of the best races in the country. Tony was an impossibly kind, warm, positive, funny, and energetic human, an incomparable ambassador for the sport of running, and a dear friend. We already miss him terribly. 

Tony suffered from a severe heart condition (cardiomyopathy), and he shared more details about his health on The BibRave Podcast back in February. As a small tribute to Tony and to further awareness of his condition (education he was eager to spread), we’ve decided to re-air some clips of that episode along with a few others from his interview in 2019. Tim, Jess, and Julia also offer some additional thoughts and memories of Tony in the intro.

We’re so sad to have lost such a great person, and our hearts go out to his wife Erin, their children, and their grandchildren. 

For a deeper podcast dive, check out this week’s show notes 📝

Show Notes: