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Aug 27, 2017

Hi Runners!

I’m extremely excited and proud to share our very first “special episode” of The BibRave Podcast! Episode 56 will take you on the full journey of Tim’s Leadville Trail 100 race, narrated by crew captain Jessica. Support for our Leadville coverage continues from our amazing partners at Athlinks and Aftershokz!

The episode is a play-by-play, aid station-by-aid station recount of the Leadville Trail 100. For each section of the race, you’ll hear our live-recorded audio from race day, along with a 1st-person account from Tim. We’ve also included some reflections from our pacers and crew, recorded over celebratory beers after the race.

As a rough guide, here is a quick reference of our aid station plan by mile marker.

  • Outward Bound (~mile 24.5)
  • Tree Line (~mile 28)
  • Twin Lakes (~mile 40)
  • Winfield (~mile 50)
  • Twin Lakes (~mile 60)
  • Tree Line (~mile 72)
  • Outward Bound (~mile 75.5)
  • May Queen (~mile 86.5)

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who’s heard about Tim’s Leadville training and is interested in hearing how it all plays out. We hope you enjoy it, and please share your thoughts with us on Twitter using #brpodcast.

And one more shout-out to our incredibly supportive partners at Athlinks and Aftershokz - thanks for all the help before, during, and after race day!

Happy listening!!

Jessica Murphy

BibRave Co-Founder, recovering Leadville Crew Captain