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Dec 18, 2019

We can all admit there are some ideas or subjects that maybe we’ve referenced or heard about, but we don’t fully understand. Luckily for us, Reddit, the popular social sharing and discussion site, gave us a solution. It’s called ELI5, or Explain it Like I’m 5 (years old)! ELI5 is where users post seemingly complicated subjects and ideas, and ask someone in the community - usually a subject matter expert - to explain it in a way that a 5-year-old would understand. 

Strictly adhering to what a 5-year-old would comprehend isn’t the actual goal. It’s really meant to be inspiration for how to break down something complicated into something simple. We’re glowing with excitement to bring you the second episode of a special podcast feature we’ve created with our friends at AfterShokz - the leader in athlete-friendly bone conduction headphones - featuring an idea that has everyone talking: solar energy. ☀️

In episode 2, Tim dives into conversation with Holland Smith, who has an impressive background and education that ranges from Physical Science and Solar Energy to Material Science and Engineering. Holland has a gift for framing this particular concept in a helpful analogy, and he’s the perfect person to breakdown solar energy and exactly how it works. 

Naturally, we asked the most simple, yet complicated questions - How do solar panels actually work and how does sunlight get turned into electricity? On the road to answering that compelling question, Holland also shares his thoughts on energy generation and how it plays an important role in our lives. “It explains the impact we have on the environment and it plays a role in critical political decisions and resource wars.” Don’t worry, we don’t get too political, but it’s a good perspective check on what impact our energy decisions have and what drives them.

Listen to this ELI5 episode and find out how solar energy is just like a group of children on a playground! 🤔🏃‍♀️😎

We hope you enjoy this intriguing and informative conversation about solar energy as much as we did! Be sure to share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Show Notes

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