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Mar 5, 2021

We’ve got something different for you on this week’s installment of The BibRave Podcast. This episode is all about reexamining some of the choices society bakes into our lives. Think: going to college, buying a house, what job you take, etc.

This is a subject Tim and Jess care deeply about, not because they’ve always bucked convention but because they HAVEN’T and (at times) have lived to regret it. So many of the big life choices we make are either permanent or have a LONG-lasting impact on our happiness, identity, career prospects, relationships, and so on. 

Nothing they talk about is meant to be preachy or judgey or anything like that. But they just wanted to share a discussion about some of these life choices that don’t get enough consideration and encourage everyone to stop more often and think, “Wait, but why?”

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Show Notes:

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