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May 7, 2021

Super excited for y’all to check out this week’s episode of The BibRave Podcast! Tim and Jess talk with Jenny Jurek - one of our favs - who is an accomplished runner, climber, designer, author, and everything in between. Jenny shares the highs and the lows she experienced while crewing for her husband, Scott, on his Appalachian Trail FKT back in 2015. 

In the book she co-wrote with Scott, (NORTH - highly recommend!), Jenny wrote about some of her experiences as an Asian-American female in a part of the country that - frankly - doesn’t see a lot of people that look like her. She discusses those stories with Tim and Jess, as well as some of the backlash she experienced from sharing and writing about those stories 5+ years ago. 

In addition to the other accolades above, Jenny is also a super mom who just casually takes her kids bike-packing around Japan. She is also an entrepreneur with a super exciting line of maternity products for runners coming out soon! Lots of great stuff here so hopefully you guys enjoy it!

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Show Notes:

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