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Jul 17, 2019

Here it is; the second episode of a new podcast series we’ve created with our friends at BibRave, called Making It: An AfterShokz Podcast Series by BibRave. The series explores the pathways, trials, and tribulations of a variety of athletes as they try to “make it” at the highest levels of their sport. 

We know that getting out the door for your run or ride can often be the hardest part. There are so many distractions and reasons to just skip it – especially if you are worried about boredom or monotony. We wanted to help combat the boredom piece by sharing some inspiring stories to keep you entertained – all served up via those sweet vibes from your AfterShokz headphones!

Last month, we featured the jaw-dropping inspiration from Chaz Davis, a runner who lost his sight in his college career. Chaz continued to excel as a blind runner, eventually competing for Team USA in the Paralympics. In episode two, we’re excited to bring you the story of Jim Knous, a golfer who just barely made it, becoming the last PGA golfer to earn his TOUR card in 2018. 

Jim’s story is a combination of rugged determination and cool-headed focus. Throughout the course of our conversations with Jim, it became pretty obvious how valuable that mindset is when attempting to make it as one of the most elite athletes on the planet. 

Whoa, hang on. “One of the most elite”? 


Believe it. 

Of the 80 million estimated golfers worldwide, only 245 make the PGA TOUR! That means Jim (and every other golfer) had a 1 in 326,000 chance of earning a spot, or about .0003 percent. As a comparison, about 1 in 200, or approximately 0.5 percent of high school senior boys playing baseball will eventually be drafted by an MLB team. So yeah, making the PGA TOUR is a BIG deal!

In this episode of the Making It series, you’ll hear how Jim’s cool demeanor helped him navigate the long, lonely, and very high-stakes process of vying for a PGA TOUR card. Jim, along with his family, endured ups and downs and pushed through crushing losses, in order to find his way into the elite ranks. If you’re into hearing about the strength of human will and the tenacity to overcome intense odds, Jim’s story is for you.

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Jim as much as we did! Be sure to share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter). 


Show Notes