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Oct 19, 2018

Here it is - Episode 115 of The BibRave Podcast!

This week’s episode is Straight. Up. Fascinating. We get to be a fly on the wall for an intimate conversation between an athlete, her coach, and a sports psychologist. A big thank you to our friends at AfterShokz for sponsoring and a City Winery Chicago for hosting our recording session.

The athlete in question is AfterShokz CMO, Kim Fassetta (from episode Episode 104), her coach throughout training for the Honolulu Marathon, Global runWestin Concierge and Tim’s former running coach, Chris Heuisler (Episode 25 and Episode 77), and sports psychologist making his third appearance on The BibRave Podcast (Episode 26 and Episode 93), Dr. Justin Ross.

We talk about a lot of the emotional and intellectual pitfalls that so many runners and racers struggle to overcome, and it is so interesting to follow the interactions between Kim, her coach, and a professional psychologist. There’s a lot of positive reframing and working through some issues that a lot of you out there will definitely relate to. Huge thanks to Kim, Chris, and Dr. Ross for facilitating such a healthy and productive conversation.

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Show Notes:


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