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Jan 26, 2019

We have a fun conversation to bring you for Episode 129 of The BibRave Podcast! We welcome returning guest, Katie Hynes, a sports nutritionist (and speedy marathoner!) that we talked to in Episode 97 about mastering nutrition for a Marathon of Half Marathon!

Katie first brings us up-to-speed on her running adventures, which include an OTQ (Olympic Trials Qualifier) at Grandma’s 2018 and an even speedier PR at CIM 2018. She shares her experience working with other “girl gangs” in these races to run fast and strong. Then we dive into a topic close to home - how to manage constant hunger while starting up Marathon training! She gives us some quick tips on how to think about and approach our diet during a training cycle, and we quickly realize we have eating FOMO.

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Show Notes:


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