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The BibRave Podcast

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Nov 6, 2019

We’re bringing you the third episode in a series of special edition podcasts we’ve created with our friends at AfterShokz - the unrivaled maker of bone conduction headphones. The series is called Making It and explores the pathways, trials, and tribulations of a variety of athletes as they try to “make it” at the highest levels of their sport.

We present Driving with Purpose - Bubba Wallace, Making It AfterShokz Podcast Series by BibRave Episode 3. We’re able to take you inside the life of professional driver Bubba Wallace, and shed some light on what it’s like to go from go-karts to NASCAR in the blink of an eye. 

Bubba is the current driver of the #43 Chevrolet car for Richard Petty Motorsports! He is one of the few African American drivers in the field of NASCAR and is a role model in more ways than one. He has proven his mental toughness time and time again. From battling depression to the weight of huge expectations on his shoulders, he’s shown aspiring drivers that you can indeed... make it.

The tale of Bubba Wallace is one of patience, perseverance, and positivity. We hope you enjoy listening to the obstacles he overcame and how he continues Making It in the world of NASCAR!

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Bubba as much as we did! Be sure to share your thoughts with us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter

Show Notes